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X/Makito/Barracuda/Torpedo2 mini-blades enclosure

Manufacturer: Haivision
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X/Makito/Barracuda/Torpedo2 mini-blades enclosure

Designed for high density deployment in server rooms across broadcast, enterprise, universities, and hospitals, the MB series of

chassis provide flexible and scalable solutions where rackmount installations are required.

Haivision’s encoders, decoders, and gateways are available as single product appliances or as independent mini-blades. For installations where rack mounting is desired, Haivision offers the MB6 and MB21 enclosures, which can contain up to 6 or 21 encoder/decoder/gateway blades, respectively, within the single highest density platform available. MB series enclosures feature redundant power supplies, allow for in-service blade replacement and incorporate fan management circuitry to minimize fan noise. MB series enclosures can be populated with various combinations of Haivision’s Makito high performance, HEVC or H.264 encoder, the HEVC or H.264 Makito decoder, and Haivision’s Torpedo DVB to IP gateways.

X/Makito/Barracuda/Torpedo2 mini-blades, Single Non-redundant Medical grade AC power supply, 90-264VAC, 47Hz-63Hz, 300 Watt max

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