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Avid Technology Media Composer Ultimate TEAM 1-Year Subsciption

Manufacturer: AVID
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Media Composer | Ultimate TEAM Subscription

Collaborate effectively as a team by seamlessly integrating workflows

  • 1-Year Subscription, Paid Upfront (Activation code provided with purchase)

In a post-production, news, or other media setting, it is essential to collaborate effectively as a team. Media Composer | Ultimate (formerly Media Composer) offers a comprehensive range of editing tools, along with enhanced workflows designed to facilitate real-time collaboration.

Media Composer | Ultimate provides several significant benefits compared to Media Composer:

  • Collaborate with other Media Composer and MediaCentral editors, loggers, and assistants by sharing bins and projects. Work together with editors, journalists, producers, and content contributors both locally and remotely within the MediaCentral environment.
  • Gain entry to, modify, and distribute media saved on Avid NEXIS and other storage systems managed by MediaCentral, regardless of your location or the location of the assets.
  • Quickly locate the appropriate clips by entering a word or phrase using the Media Composer | PhraseFind Option, which is included.
  • Discover the optimal takes within seconds for each line of dialogue in a script using the Media Composer | ScriptSync Option, which is included.
  • Gain access to advanced and secondary color correction tools as well as Universal Mastering by utilizing the Media Composer | Symphony Option, which is included as part of the package.
  • Seamlessly connect with MediaCentral | Newsroom Management, iNEWS, and various ENPS systems to enhance news editing efficiency using the Media Composer | NewsCutter Option, which is available exclusively for Windows operating systems.


Deliver your best stories
There’s a reason why more professional moviemakers and television editors use Media Composer than any other video editing solution—it gives you the editing and finishing speed you need to complete projects faster. From its ACE-certified tools and unique timesaving workflows, to the most reliable media management in the biz, Media Composer empowers creative storytelling like no other.

Collaborate with anyone, anywhere
When it’s crunch time, collaboration is key. Media Composer | Ultimate makes it a breeze. Share media, projects, and bins to complete projects faster, together. Share assets locally and remotely with Avid NEXIS. Collaborate with other Media Composer, MediaCentral | Editorial Management, MediaCentral | Production Management, Final Cut Pro, and Premiere Pro editors and contributors. And extend real-time production everywhere with Media Composer | Cloud Remote.

Edit anything
SD and HD. 2K through 8K and beyond. Even stereoscopic 3D and HDR. No matter what media you’ve got, Media Composer welcomes the widest range of file/camera formats, codecs, and resolutions, so you can acquire and turn around content faster. Without copying or transcoding media first. Whether you’ve got footage in a camera, media drive, smartphone, or video server, bringing your story together is easy.

Get beauty without the wait
It’s no secret that high-resolution, high frame rate media can put the brakes on any workflow. Media Composer eliminates these bottlenecks, offering powerful 64-bit performance, groundbreaking Avid DNxHR, AMA, and Avid Resolution Independence technologies, plus background rendering and transcoding, to keep your media and creativity flowing.

Gain great efficiency
Experience the fastest editorial workflows in the industry. Instantly access and edit file-based media without transcoding or copying media. Build stories with up to 24 video tracks. Preview clips before committing them to a project. Edit multicam projects with ease. Even automate non-creative media tasks—such as transcoding, consolidating, and relinking—in the background using Dynamic Media Folders.

Find the best takes and right clips fast
Editing a movie, TV show, or interview? Save hours of clip searching time with two powerful solutions included with Media Composer | Ultimate. Find the best takes fast with ScriptSync, which analyzes all clip dialog in your project, then syncs all relevant clips to the script. For dialog-heavy productions, PhraseFind indexes all clip dialog, so you can find all relevant clips in seconds by typing a keyword or phrase.

Get reliable media management
Media Composer keeps track of all projects, source material, rendered files, metadata, and other media for you, so you’ll never lose sight of your assets. Gain peace of mind with over 20 years of industry-proven media management innovation supporting everything you do.

Design stunning visuals
Add dramatic flair to your stories with a host of built-in effects, color, and title tools. From creating jaw-dropping VFX, green screen composites, motion effects, and transitions, to correcting color, tinting scenes, and designing graphical titles and animations, it’s easy to give your projects that professional polish.

Work in HDR
With support for a variety of High Dynamic Range (HDR) color specs, profiles, and workflows, Media Composer enables you to color grade video and achieve richer, more dramatic imagery, with exceptional detail in the shadows and highlights. It’s a fast-growing technology—and an important way to future-proof your valuable content.

Extend your workflow
Media Composer | Ultimate includes the Symphony Option, providing advanced and secondary color correction tools and Universal Mastering to finish and deliver projects. It also comes with the NewsCutter Option, making it easy to integrate with MediaCentral | Newsroom Management, iNEWS, and other ENPS for streamlined news editing (Windows only).

Create studio-quality soundtracks
Sound is half the picture. With Media Composer, you can make your projects sound as good as they look. Record, edit, and mix up to 64 audio tracks in 7.1 surround. Create groups to mix dialog, Foley, music, and sound effects more easily. And polish soundtracks using the same high-quality audio effects and sound processors that come with Pro Tools.

Expand your creative possibilities
Don’t have the footage or effects you need? Shop the in-app Avid Marketplace—no shoes, shirt, or pants required. Preview stock footage in context with your project. Purchase plug-ins, software options, and hardware to extend your capabilities. You’ll even find training material to help advance your editing skills.

Get the Avid hardware advantage
Looking for the fastest way to capture, monitor, and output high-quality video? Pair Media Composer with an Avid Artist interface and get the tight integration you need to handle the most demanding workflows—from portable 4K interfaces, to solutions that offer an extensive array of I/O or video over IP. You can also use third-party interfaces through Avid Open I/O.

Run Media Composer virtually
For broadcasters and media enterprises, Media Composer | Ultimate is available as a “virtual” license that runs on a single server, enabling multiple editors to access the software and projects remotely using an Internet-connected computer or zero client. Not only will you save time on software deployment and upgrades, you get more access flexibility and easier management. 

In a post-production, news, or other media setting, it is essential to collaborate effectively as a team. Media Composer | Ultimate (formerly Media Composer) offers a comprehensive range of editing tools, along with enhanced workflows designed to facilitate real-time collaboration.



Technical Specifications:

  • Software Type: Video Editing
  • Platform: Mac, PC
  • Upgrade/Full: Annual Subscription
  • Download/Boxed: Download
  • Bit Rate: 64-bit
  • Format: AMA, AAX, AVX
  • Authorization Type: iLok Account Required
  • Hardware Requirements - Mac: Intel Quad Core i7 / Quad Core Xeon or higher, 16GB RAM minimum, Graphics Card 2GB Memory minimum
  • Hardware Requirements - PC: Intel Quad Core i7 / Quad Core Xeon or higher, 16GB RAM minimum, Graphics Card 2GB Memory minimum
  • OS Requirements - Mac: macOS 10.13 or later
  • OS Requirements - PC: Windows 10 or later
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 9938-31221-00



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