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MRMC Polymotion Chat Pro Software-3 Simple automated tracking of up to 3 P/T heads- SOFTWARE ONLY

Manufacturer: Mark Roberts Motion Control (MRMC)
SKU: MRMC-8033-00
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Polymotion Chat’s computer vision engine detects limbs and builds a stick model to enable it to track subjects. This not only means the camera tracking system creates high-quality broadcast level output (without losing resolution — like some pan and scan systems), it is more reliable than other facial tracking solutions and is able to deal with occlusion — such as people crossing in front of each other. The system can be designed to work at any level, from simple 3 camera control for live streaming and conference evnets, through to multi-camera productions for broadcast. Polymotion Chat integrates with MRMC robotic heads and third party PTZs and studios systems.

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