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Rupert Neve Designs Portico 5017 Desktop Mobile Mic Pre - DI - Compressor

Manufacturer: Rupert Neve Designs
SKU: NEV-5017.A
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ABOUT THIS LISTING: This is a brand-new item that is excess stock from our inventory. Rest assured, all items come with a 30-day warranty from EAR, so do not hesitate to contact us with any inquiries.

The Portico 5017 is a cutting-edge device designed for recording or live performances, featuring a durable and portable chassis. It includes top-notch preamp, compressor, and DI circuits, along with two channel operation, Vari-phase, Silk, and DI/mic blending capabilities, providing classic tone and control wherever you go. 

TWO CHANNEL OPERATION: With two transformer coupled outputs, the 5017 has separate line outputs for the DI/Blend and Mic signals when the blend control is set to fully DI. The mic output is always independent.

SILK: Pushing the Silk button engages the Silk circuit, which enhances the source’s harmonic content in a manner very reminiscent of many of Rupert’s class-A vintage designs.

MIC GAIN: A 12-way precision rotary switch covering Line (0) and Mic from 0 to 66 dB in 6 dB steps.

INST GAIN: Continuous gain control from 0dB to 30dB.

THRU & INST 1/4” PHONE JACKS: Balanced or unbalanced Hi-Z input for instruments, with a THRU output to send signal to an amplifier.

+48V PHANTOM POWER: Provides 48V phantom power to microphones. Controlled by a switch on the back of the unit.

HIGH PASS FILTER: The high pass filter is a valuable aid in any signal chain, but particularly so in a microphone preamplifier. Signals below 80Hz can be attenuated at a rate of 12db / octave, getting rid of building rumble, motor hum, etc.

POLARITY: Push button inverts the polarity of the mic input signal path. The symbol “Ø” is often used to denote opposite polarity.

VARI-PHASE: When engaged, the VARI-PHASE control rotates the phase incrementally, allowing two signals with the same source to be phase aligned. This control is most apparent when the signals being combined are at roughly equal levels, and is generally used when blending an instrument’s direct signal with its amplified signal, as captured by a microphone.

THE COMPRESSOR: Based around a new LDR (light dependent resister) design, the 5017’s opto-coupler compressor has been simplified to a single threshold control with auto make up gain. By default, the compressor is set to a fixed 2:1 ratio with fixed attack and release. To set the compressor, simply dial the threshold control down until the desired amount of compression is achieved. An LED light indicates when the compressor is active.

INDICATORS: Indicators on the 5017 denote signal presence and clipping on both DI and mic signals, as well as compressor activation.

INTERNAL JUMPERS: Two internal jumpers in the 5017 can be set to change the compressor from the mic channel to the DI / blend channel, and to change the compressor time constant from standard to fast.

ABOUT THIS LISTING: This is a brand-new item that is excess stock from our inventory. Rest assured, all items come with a 30-day warranty from EAR, so do not hesitate to contact us with any inquiries.

Main Output, no load.
-0.2 dB @ 10 Hz
-3 dB @ 160 kHz

Measured at Main Output, unweighted, 22 Hz - 22 kHz. Terminated 150 Ohm.
With gain at unity better than -100 dBu
With gain at 66 dB better than -62 dBu
Equivalent Input Noise better than -128 dBu

1.5 dB

80 Hz, 12 dB/Octave Bessel

Maximum output from 20 Hz to 40 kHz is +23 dBu

@ 1 kHz, +20 dBu output: Main Output: Better than 0.001%
@ 20 Hz, +20 dBu output: Main Output: Better than 0.002%

Better than 0.2% Second harmonic


Continuously Variable from -20 dBu to +10 dBu

Fixed at 2:1

FAST MODE: Attack 40ms , Release 40ms
SLOW MODE: Attack 100ms , Release 350ms

+48 Volts DC +/- 1%

12VDC is optimal voltage, but 9-15VDC is acceptable

@ 9VDC Current is 1.3 A typical: Power = 11.7W
@ 12VDC Current is 1.0 A typical: Power = 12.0 watts
@ 15VDC Current is 800 mA typical: Power = 12.0 watts

7.5″ (deep) x 6.5″ (wide) x 2″ (high)

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