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Sound Devices A20-RX Digital Wireless Receiver with SpectraBand Technology

Manufacturer: Sound Devices
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"Two-Channel, True Diversity Receiver with SpectraBand Technology (Uni/SuperSlot Version). Compatible with
any A10-TX and A20-Mini."

Experience ultimate flexibility as you find open spectrum away from the crowded UHF TV band. The A20-RX two channel true diversity receiver features industry-exclusive SpectraBand technology, which delivers a tuning range of 470 – 1525 MHz in a single unit. Superior low-loss, brick-wall SAW filters deliver excellent performance in noisy RF environments, while the AutoAssign feature makes frequency selection and setting quick and easy. 

  • SpectraBand Technology: compatible with the A20-Mini from 470 MHz – 1525 MHz and all tuning ranges of the A10-TX. 
  • Advanced Digital True Diversity topology uses two complete RF receivers for each of the two channels, with four RF receivers in total.  
  • SuperSlot compatible with the SL-2 and 8-Series mixer-recorders. 
  • State-of-the-art 100% digital long-range modulation delivers the longest transmission distance of any digital system on the market.¹ 
  • GainForward Architecture compatible with the A20-Mini. Set the Mini’s gain levels via trim control (with an 8-Series) or at the A20-RX (for other mixers). 
  • Full 10 Hz – 20 kHz audio bandwidth; 100% digital RF modulation and transmission. 
  • Excellent immunity from nearby IFB or camera hop transmitters without the need for external filters or extra cabling.  
  • Maximum connectivity: SuperSlot, XLR, and TA3 (coming soon) backplates, A-RXMON headphone amp, and A-15PIN two-channel AES Sony camera slot adapter. 
  • Analog line-level or AES digital audio output. 

With SpectraBand technology, you won’t need to purchase another receiver dedicated to a specific country or frequency band. SpectraBand gives you access to nearly twice the frequencies available with other systems worldwide – almost 2600 available channels.  

The A20-RX’s AutoAssign scans a tuning band and selects available frequencies for you – perfect for any fast-paced shoot. Meanwhile, brick-wall SAW filters eliminate out-of-band interference so you can get the best RF performance possible. Enjoy immunity from nearby IFB or camera hop transmitters without the need for external filters or extra cabling. 

¹ When comparing systems with same transmit power, same antennas, and same transmission frequency.

RF Tuning
  • 470 to 1525 MHz
  • SpectraBand Technology
  • Transmitters tunable in 25 kHz steps
  • Available frequencies depend on country of operation
  • Proprietary digital RF modulation
  • Standard or Long Range, selectable
  • Standard modulation = 2 ms
  • Long Range modulation = 3.9 ms
  • Measured at analog output
Audio Frequency Response
  • 10 Hz–20 kHz
Maximum Output Level
  • +14 dBu, +2 dBu, -10 dBu, or -22 dBu, menu-selectable, with a 0 dBFS signal at the transmitter input, 130 ohms output impedance
Digital Audio Output
  • AES3 balanced connection, 110 ohms output impedance, left=channel 1, right=channel 2
Menu and Controls
  • OLED menu display, 3 button navigation
  • User settable 4-digit PIN
  • 6–18 VDC
Operating Temperature Range
  • -10 °C to +55 °C
  • 165 g, 5.8 oz, Measured without backplate accessories
Dimensions(H x W x D)
  • 113.7 mm x 78.5 mm x 26.6 mm, 4.48 in x 3.09 in x 1.05 in, Measured without backplate accessories

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