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Telestream Kumulate Production Asset Management Bundle for Avid/Adobe (Annual License)

Manufacturer: Telestream Enterprise
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Kumulate keeps your video storage costs low, giving you the greatest value from your assets. Kumulate ensures your video content is always where you need it, when you need it, in the right format, at the right price.

o Simple and easy to navigate UI Kumulate lets you quickly find, edit & store your content assets. Search seamlessly from your applications, using rich metadata generated from multiple sources, including AI and machine learning.

o Partial File Restore from any storage tier mitigates costs by pulling out only the parts of the video you need, and the integrated transcoder delivers it in your choice of format and size.

o Cost-effective peace of mind – Kumulate provides automated content, processes and systems replication in your choice of storage tiers for disaster recovery and business continuity.

o Seamless integration of storage management and file processing into all major editing systems and tools. Access your video assets and projects without leaving the environment you already love.

o Work with all major providers of cloud storage, services & compute so you have access to the very best storage solutions: AWS, Azure, Wasabi, Google Cloud, IBM and all S3-based providers.

o Integrate AI, machine learning or cognitive services into any workflow. Facial, voice, object and location recognition automatically tag your video files to power up search and distribution.

o Hundreds of standard and custom features

o Pricing is a subscription license paid annual

o Application software can run on a cloud server, bare metal or virtual instance

o Ask about using your existing hardware or services or have us provide special pricing and integrate with a hardware bundle

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