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Telemetrics RCCP-M Modular Robotic PTZ Camera Control Panel

Manufacturer: Telemetrics
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Telemetrics RCCP-M PLUS Modular Robotic PTZ Camera Control Panel

Telemetrics brings a flexible, modular approach to video production automation and single-operator efficiency with this RCCP-M Modular Robotic Camera Controller with software and customizable control panel. This proven robotic camera control package features an easy-to-use (and customizable) joystick controller and a large touchscreen interface for full camera image controls and scene presets. With its intuitive feature layout, the controller is ideal for the Corporate AV and house of worship markets.

With its Perspective View feature, the RCCP-M camera control panel gives users a bird's eye view of the room and its various participants eliminating the struggle with difficult-to-remember presets. The operator can load an image into the panel providing independent Perspective views for each camera that clearly show how the production will look. This innovative Perspective View also makes it easier for church volunteers and less skilled operators because they don't have to necessarily know what camera they want to operate. They simply use the RCCP-M's graphical user interface to click on an image and go live with each camera position.

This cost-effective control panel features a large, capacitive touchscreen interface for instantly identifiable camera functions; pan, tilt, and zoom speed control knobs; and a large focus knob for highly precise camera control. It also offers a number of flexible options, so users can upgrade to more advanced controls as the need arises.

  • Supports up to eight cameras
  • Single program support
  • 10,000+ presets over IP
  • Motion record
  • Video router control
  • PTZ robotics control
  • PTZ camera control
  • Autosense
  • Perspective

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