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Telestream Enterprise Upgrade from CaptionMaker Desktop to CaptionMaker Pro

Manufacturer: Telestream Enterprise
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Upgrade from CaptionMaker Desktop to CaptionMaker Pro. Includes all the features of Desktop. Pro adds support for embedding CEA-708/608 captions into (and extracting captions from) broadcast TV formats like MPEG-2, H.264, MXF (OP-47 Teletext or CEA-708/608) QuickTime ProRes, and Avid AAF. You can also import many professional caption interchange formats such as IMSC .0, CAP, TDS, ULT, PAC, and EBU-STL for editing and conversion to CEA-708 captions. Pro also supports subtitle overlays, professional DVD & Blu-ray subtitling formats, and live captioning. Note: All Telestream caption products provide the ability to utilize the optional Timed Text Speech transcription service Note: The use of Timed Text Speech transcription service requires both an account on Telestream Cloud, and a subscription to Telestream Cloud TC-TTS-xx service (where xx defines the level of the subscription). For more details, go to
, Does not include first year's Software Annual Maintenance and Support which must be ordered at time of purchase. Please order CAP-SILVER-MS when ordering this product.

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