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Telestream Enterprise CaptionMaker for Windows, Pro Edition

Manufacturer: Telestream Enterprise
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CaptionMaker for Windows, Pro Edition. Includes all the features of Desktop. Pro adds support for embedding CEA-708/608 captions into (and extracting captions from) broadcast TV formats like MPEG-2, H.264, MXF (OP-47 Teletext or CEA-708/608) QuickTime ProRes, and Avid AAF. You can also import many professional caption interchange formats such as IMSC .0, CAP, TDS, ULT, PAC, and EBU-STL for editing and conversion to CEA-708 captions. Pro also supports subtitle overlays, professional DVD & Blu-ray subtitling formats, and live captioning. Note: All Telestream caption products provide the ability to utilize the optional Timed Text Speech transcription service. Note: The use of Timed Text Speech transcription service requires both an account on Telestream Cloud, and a subscription to Telestream Cloud TC-TTS-xx service (where xx defines the level of the subscription). For more details, go to Does not include first year's Software Annual Maintenance and Support which must be ordered at time of purchase. Please order CAP-SILVER-MS when ordering this product.

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