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Vizrt (NEW) Tricaster Flex Dual Control Panel

Manufacturer: Vizrt
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Unleash a higher level of control, connectivity, and creativity

Unmatched Command TriCaster Flex Dual provides an incomparable range of user-defined methods of operation and customizable workflows that adapt to fulfill the requirements of any production. With 24 direct cross points and two 10-key dynamic menu systems, along with numerous other groundbreaking features, including a full-size joystick, it sets a new standard in control panels.

Reliable Networking With the TriCaster Flex Dual, operators are no longer limited by the physical location of their TriCaster. This NDI®-native panel seamlessly integrates with TriCaster hardware models such as the TriCaster TC1, 1 Pro, and 2 Elite, as well as TriCaster Vectar in the cloud. By connecting to the network, Flex Dual empowers operators to control switchers from anywhere in the world.

Heightened Creativity TriCaster Flex Dual showcases the boundless creativity that operators should have access to, whether they prefer straightforward setups or intricate multi-camera productions. With its delegate and utility rows, TriCaster Flex Dual allows for customized workflow configurations, ensuring that users have all the necessary tools to shape their work exactly as they envision, regardless of the production's scale or intricacy.


  • Connect effortlessly to a network using NDI and easily control any video switcher on the network.
  • Benefit from delegate and utility rows that offer customizable workflows for every type of production, which can be saved and used at any time.
  • Expand the I/O of any TriCaster instantly with onboard Audio Control and I/O. Experience more direct control and reduce the need for operators to use a mouse and keyboard.
  • Take advantage of 24 direct cross points and 2 10-key dynamic menu systems, providing more power over productions than ever before.
  • Enhance control over cropping, positioning, panning, and more with a full-size joystick.



TriCaster Flex Dual is our most powerful control panel yet – offering unique connectivity and never before seen features that put operators firmly in the driving seat to tell their stories, the way they want to. 


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